High Score Club Season 1

Start Date: April 5, 2004
End Date: January 9, 2005
Moderator: Ze_ro
Champion: the 5th ghost
Average Players per Game: 22.2
Most Popular Game: Mario Bros.
Least Popular Game: Wizard of Wor (Difficulty A/A)


Week 1Circus Atari
Week 2Superman
Week 3Mario Bros.
Week 4Megamania (Difficulty A)
Week 5Gravitar
Week 6Kaboom! (Difficulty A)
Week 7Missile Command (Game 16)
Week 8Yars' Revenge (Game 4 Difficulty A)
Week 9Subterranea
Week 10Vanguard (Difficulty AorB/AorB)
Week 11Turmoil
Week 12Ms. Pac-Man
Week 13Reactor (Game 7 Difficulty A)
Week 14Stampede (Game 4)
Week 15Tunnel Runner (Game 2)
Week 16Taz
Week 17Moonsweeper (Game 4)
Week 18Tron Deadly Discs (Difficulty A)
Week 19Midnight Magic (Difficulty A)
Week 20Fireball (Cascade Difficulty A)
Week 21Fast Food
Week 22Frogger, The Official (Difficulty A)
Week 23Lock 'n' Chase (Difficulty A)
Week 24Tapper (Difficulty A/A)
Week 25Marauder (Game 4)
Week 26Lost Luggage (Game 4 Difficulty A)
Week 27Berzerk (Game 9)
Week 28Space Treat Deluxe
Week 29Cosmic Ark
Week 30Crackpots
Week 31Battlezone (Game 3)
Week 32Wizard of Wor (Difficulty A/A)
Week 33Asteroids (Game 4 Difficulty A)
Week 34Gopher (Game 3)
Week 35Star Fire (Difficulty A/AorB)
Week 36Seaquest (Difficulty A)
Week 37Pressure Cooker (Game 7)
Week 38Adventures of Tron

* bonus game